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LaMausi International Inc powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC and our affilliate 360training is a "Virtual University" offering you the ability to obtain CE hours and certificates, or attain professional business certifications and diploma’s to gain reemployment in the "Job Market", as a qualified Healthcare professional.

Dental and Dental Hygienist

Continuing Education

All Dentists “must” complete 30 hours of approved continuing education (CE) within the two year licensure period (biennium).

All Dental Hygienists “must” complete 24 hours of approved CE within the two year licensure period (biennium).

Now no matter where you are, you can master information with the confidence that you need to take your practice exams etc.... to pass all of your courses.  With our innovative technology you can take one or more of our classes at your leisure.      **Available in Spanish**


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business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our new offers.   Our vast content management system will enable us to always keep you informed on the latest and most up to date information on our new industry courses.


Now no mater where you are, you can Master the Information with the confidence that you need to pass all of your exams. 

With our new Innovative Technology you can take one or more of our classes at your leisure.

You don't have to sit in an over-crowded classrooms, or Seminars, paying the inflated cost attached to all of the traditional professional education courses.

Healthcare CE & Career Training...

At LaMausi International Inc  powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC we have now added to our CE curriculum [6] new industries in healthcare profession.  We also offer 100's of Career Training courses in Healthcare.  For more information or to login to our secure Virtual University, click any of the links below for your profession.


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Maintain your nursing CE hours with lamausi-intl-inc.com!  Buy unlimited nursing continuing education courses!  Online state-required certificate CE courses and topics for RNs, LVNs, LPNs, Nurse Practitioners, critical care nurses.  Instant online access, grading, certificates and live 24x7 help through LIVE CHAT.

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