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                      New Poll Question

Now that we have repealed the Cross-Over Hours for Cosmetology & Barbering...

Please Vote in today's Poll Question below:

If you answered YES to todays Poll Question, would you support us and our plan to REPEAL RECENT STATE BOARD DECISIONS?

If you have not already done so, your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and or support,
Angela Wray - President

Tell a friend with a friend that has a car,
about the... 
Indiana Cosmetology and Barber Association

PLEASE VISIT: http://indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org

We may have won the war against deregulation, but it has not gone away. It’s just changed its name. It’s now called “Self-Certification Registration.” See the links below. IPLA Homepage. Go to the bottom of the page.

SEA 421 Report

Committee Hearing

We have seen a slow, but steady erosion of licensing. In the last few years, when we weren’t watching, shampooing and hair threading no longer required a license and all esthetic services may be performed without a license if it is “incident to the retail sale of cosmetics.”

Plan to attend the ICBA Annual Convention. We need your input and your support. The future of our industry is at stake. Alone we are weak. Together we are strong.

                    ICBA News Updates:

            Legislative Update...May 10, 2013

                                    Spread the word!

HB1477 was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013.  HB1477 is the result of a yearlong collaboration of the ICBA and the IPLA working together with a Lobbyist.  HB1477 provides our industry with the opportunity to make meaningful changes to our regulations that will benefit the entire Beauty and Barber industries.

Click the link below to view HB1477

         It is official...Deregulation did not pass in the Senate neither party would support the SB 520 Bill with it's current language, but is not over!
                Check out
Senate Bill #520.

Visit the ICBA website for up-to-date information concerning 2013 legislation: http://www.indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org/

ICBA is accepting new members.

You can visit the ICBA-Membership page to download and print a ICBA-Membership Form and mail it to ICBA.
C/O ICBA Board Treasurer-Larry Foster

 Please support ICBA we are still fighting to assure we all stay licensed!

                                  ICBA Board of Directors

President-John Halal of Honor Beauty College
Email: jhalal@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org
Phone: 317-506-3310

Vice President-Sid McQueary of Ravenscroft Beauty College
Email: smcqueary@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org
Phone: 260-486-8868

Secretary-Angela Wray of LaMausi International INC
Email: awray@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org

Treasurer-Larry Foster of Empire Beauty Schools
Email: lfoster@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org

Board Director-Pam Garrison of Vincennes Beauty College
Email: pgarrison@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org
Phone: 812-890-0575

Board Director-Available Seat

Board Director-Keith Niehaus President of Great Style/Great Clips
Email: kniehaus@indianacosmetologybarberassociation.org

                               ICBA Communication Committee

Committe Director-Angela Wray-Board Director
Jessie Chambers-Member
John Davis-Member
Charity Moffett-Volunteer
Lawanda Mitchell-Non-Member

                          ICBA Government Liaison Committee

Committee Chair Person-Larry Foster-Board Treasurer
Committee Member
-John Halal-Board President
Committee Member
-Angela Wray-Board Secretary
Committee Member
-Shelly Hayes-Member

ICBA Facebook Committee
Jessie Chambers-Member
Angela Wray-Board Secretary

*Current Members: Please attend these meetings to show the State Board that we are united in our efforts.

*Future Members: ICBA welcomes you to become a member.

          ICBA is looking forward to your
          membership and on-going support!

           ICBA Membership Categories

VIP MEMBERS $1,000.00

Schools $100.00

Associate Members $100.00

Licensed Professionals $50.00


Lobbyist—Frank Short

Topics Highlights:

  • Does everyone know what S520 is? It is the new Senate Bill Treat.
  • Currently, the Cosmetology/Barber Professions-62,587 licensees
  • What do you as licensed professionals want?
  • Get familiar with newly elected State Representatives.
  • The 2013 legislative session has started...it ends: April 15th 2013
  • Make people an advocate for our cause.
  • Legislation doesn’t know anything about our profession.
  • Convince the General Assembly members-Deregulation is not good
  • We abolished R.O.E.C. and keep working with IPLA.

A personal "THANKS" to Frank Short


ICBA as a group are on the right track...you can help ICBA on our way to success...

This is your  career choice and field of expertise.  
We need the Indiana State Government   to regulate all professions...
...Repeal some of the most recent decisions and not allow deregulation.

TELL YOUR COLLEAGUES...ICBA is working the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering Examiners concerning Cosmetology & Barbering.

                It is apparent that Deregulation is not over...
                  ...IT JUST KEEPS CHANGING ITS NAME!!!

REMEMBER: If we're not concerned about our carrer, no one else will be...


                            ...SEE HOW

2013 Legislative Session-Senate Bill #520

WISHTV-Web Results for "Hb1006 Jan. 25, 2012"

Indiana HB1006 - public opinion should account for somethin…

Indianapolis Recorder-More tales from the ‘world’s worst Legislature’

Facebook-Cosmetic Beauty Reviews

Indiana Cosmetology Board – Makeup Artist

Facebook-Professional Beauty Association

News Archives 

    TheIndyChannel.com Indiana Cosmetology Could Be Deregulated

             Cosmetology License Bill Draws Protest on WISHTV 8


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NEWS-Now Education Will Succeed” 
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