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LaMausi International Inc powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC and our affilliate 360training is a "Virtual University" offering you the ability to obtain CE hours and certificates, or attain professional business certifications and diploma’s to gain reemployment in the "Job Market".

Now no matter where you are, you can master information with the confidence that you need to take your practice exams etc.... to pass all of your courses.  With our  innovative technology you can take one or more of our classes at your leisure.      **Available in Spanish**


We are now offering a complete CE Real Estate Business Unit and have recently added CE for various professions in the Healthcare industry.

We will also offer certifications in many of other professions soon.


             All Analysis Forms may also protect you from liability.

All of our Analysis Forms are great tools to protect you as well as your business future.

Analysis Forms:  for natural styles, chemically treated hair, and braiding, weaving techniques.  We will also offer a number of other Forms for retail sale to hair care providers. 

An efficient and professional way to conduct business.  Our students are required to use these Analysis Forms as a tool, taking the guesswork out of deciding what to avoid if applying chemicals to virgin and/or chemically treated hair.

Having this information at your fingertips will give you an advantage over your co-workers, which will lead to a lucrative clientele and a successful career.

Hair braiding is an ancient art, handed down from
generation to generation in Africa. 

The origins of the art can be traced as far as 3500BC. 

We have a many innovative ways of enhancing your career.

Knowing the history of your clients hair will allow you to make a formidable decision on preparing the hair for such a drastic change, aiding you in the education of your client on how to care for their hair while at home.

Hair braiding is also found in many other cultures. The techniques are a very diverse art, depnding on the ethnicity of the practitioner and how much pride is put into the craft.

Whenever you are taking in a new nail client it is important to educate them prior to applying any chemicals to the hands.

It is also important to know the history and chemical treatments to the nails.  The prior technician my not have been as sanitary as you may be.

You may also want to keep an accurate record to protect yourself and your business from future liability.

        Form Descriptions SKU# Price
Hair & Weave Analysis Booklet LS001 $20.00
Braid Analysis Booklet LS002 $20.00
Nail Consultation Booklet LS003 $20.00


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