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     Learning Academy Mentoring  Affiliates 
             to Unlimited  Sources of Income

       powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC

LaMausi International Inc powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC and our affilliate 360training is a "Virtual University" offering you the ability to obtain CE hours and certificates, or attain professional business certifications and diploma’s to gain reemployment in the "Job Market" for all branches of the hair care industry.

Now no matter where you are, you can master information with the confidence that you need to take your practice exams etc.... to pass all of your courses.  With our innovative technology you can take one or more of our classes at your leisure.      **Available in Spanish**



At LaMausi International Inc powered by Always A Digital Solution LLC you will learn techniques in Skin Care, Styling, Fashion, Nail Design and Spa Services.  Because cosmetology is a profession where beauty is redefined every day.  There is a demand for creative individuals with these types of skills.

Licensed professionals can hold positions such as:
[Stylist, Educators, Platform Artists, Artistic Directors, Nail Technicians and Salon Owners/Managers] and many others.

As a licensed cosmetologist, or Barber you have many options.  Who knows, you may just define the next trend in beauty.

  Welcoming all to participate in our many programs

From Continued Education for Barbers, Braiders, and Nail Technicians or Cosmetologist with some in-depth counseling and assessment that will prepare to develop your resume and seek jobs with Salon Owners.  To the development of Business Administration and Management skills that can benefit you and your business future.

Hair Care is an art as well as a science formulated and adapted to fit the needs of any Client and the peculiarities of each situation.  The graduate must bring his/her own creativity to it and remain flexible and successful.  
Recommended programs are a requirement, and there are many in which to adhered to.  It is a suggested approach that can be compelling and gratifying too.

Our goal is for a successful salon clinic, which will result in participants developing a positive, winning attitude and wearing a winning smile.  Meanwhile, they are developing a sound client base of at least 300 clients during the first year and generating salon revenue that ultimately contributes to the overall success of the program.

who build a large clientele while in the Apprenticeship Program are able to gain maximum skill development, and they are more likely to develop good sales techniques. 

While also gaining valuable experience necessary to make them highly competitive with seasoned professionals in the salon.

The need that we are addressing will also be an investment in the future.   There is no other Apprenticeship Program in this state outside of prison, because they all lack  the willingness to stay the test of time.  

Their concept is to profit from the needs of others.  Our concept is to assess and service the community. 

It is our hope to develop a mutual goal pursuing the various steps to success. Organizations come and go, the need is always there to be addressed.  Join us, so that we can continue nurturing the roots of our future generations and keep this community growing.

                INVEST IN YOURSELF

Let the Educators at LaMausi International Inc along with our Affiliates and other collaborating agencies help you and your business future to succeed.

Corporate continued education 4 to 24 hours offered online.

If you are interested in one of our Corporate Educator positions, please visit our Contact page.

If you are interested in our Apprenticeship Program,  and desire to give your career a JUMP-START...

...You may begin by completing the application process by registering in the Apprentice form on our
Apprentice Job page and filling in all required fields.

Grant Writing - We have experienced Grant Writers on Staff.  If you are interested in starting or expanding you existing business.
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